Drill Bit Sharpening

This includes Auger Bits, Forstner Bits, Masonry Bits, Standard Twist Drill Bits, and Spade bits.

Yard & Garden Tools

Hoes, Shovels, Grass Shears, Hedge Trimmers both manual and powered, Lopper, and Pruner.

Woodworking Tools

Jointer or Planer Blade, Plan Iron, Carbide Router Bits, HSS Router Bits, Wood Chisels, and most types of Lathe Chisels.

Axes, Hatchets, and Tin Snips

Questions About Sharpening Your Tools?

I've spent many, many years sharpening a variety of tools. If you're interested in having something sharpened but have questions, please give me a call.

Mail-In Sharpening Service​

I also offer Mail-In Sharpening Services for the items mentioned on this page as well. Click the button below to learn more!

Tools, Drill Bits, & More

Milling cutters, yard and garden tools, drill bits, woodworking tools. I sharpen a variety of tools! I also sharpen saws, including chainsaws, but see my Saw Sharpening page for details about that!