Fabric or Crafting Scissors

Extend the life of your favorite fabric or crafting scissors. If your scissors just aren't 'cutting' it anymore I can fix that!

With specialized sharpening equipment and my over 50 years of sharpening experience I can have your scissors or shears cutting like new again!

Scissors & Shears I Sharpen

I can most any scissors but some common Scissors and Shears I sharpen include:

  • Standard Scissors

  • Sewing Scissors

  • Embroidery Scissors

  • Sewing Shears

  • Pinking Shears

Fast Turnaround

Worried about being without your favorite pair of scissors or wrapped up in the middle of a sewing project?

Don't worry, I can usually sharpen scissors and shears within a few business days. Just ask me and I'll be happy to let you know about how long it will take!

Call Me

My name is Pat Owen, I own and operate PnD Knives & Sharpening Services. If you're ready to get your scissors sharpened just give me a call!

Scissor and Shear Sharpening