Mail-In Sharpening

For your convenience we offer a special Mail-In Sharpening service. To learn more just keep reading!


How Our Mail-In Sharpening Works

1. Download

Download our PDF Work Order and our Pricing List. Fill out the Work Order using the descriptions from the price list.

2. Package & Ship

Pack your knives and tools securely, include the completed Work Oder Form. Mail me the package and don't forget to include the Work Order Form and items to be sharpened. I recommend US Postal Service Priority Mail packages. You are responsible for shipping costs.

3. Invoice

I will send you an itemized invoice including all costs by email.

4. Payment

You can pay by check through the mail.

5. Sharpen

After receiving and verifying payment I'll sharpen your items. On average sharpening takes between 3-5 days, depending on the quantity and condition of your items. After they're sharpened I'll ship them back to you.

Additional Questions?

If you'd like to know more about what I sharpen, besides just knives, here at PnD Knives & Sharpening Services look at the What We Sharpen page.

Or please feel free to contact me, Pat Owen, directly at the number below.