Kitchen Knife Sharpening

Are Your Kitchen Knives Not Cutting It Anymore?

You're in the right place then. At PnD Knives & Sharpening Services I can sharpen any size kitchen knife. From Paring knives to Chef's knives and deli slicers too!

I sharpen all your knives on diamond wheels and water stones for that perfect edge each and every time!


Over 50 Years Sharpening

I've spent over 50 years sharpening knives and cutting edges. Kitchen knives, along with hunting knives, are one of my specialties! I'm going to provide you with the sharpest edged knife in the industry.

Household Sharpening

If you have something else in your home that needs sharpened, like scissors and shears I sharpen those too. See my Scissors and Shears page for more details!

Ready to Get Sharp?

If you're tired of dull Kitchen Knives, let's get started, give me a call today!