Hunting & Fishing Knife Sharpening


Hunting Season Preparation

I know your hunting knives are an important tool. When you're hunting, regardless of the season, you need your knives sharp and ready to go.

Folding Knives & Heavy Knives

Whether your knife of choice is a folding Gerber or a SOG, of any size, I can use my 50 years of sharpening experience and specialized equipment to put a brand new edge on that knife. Plus I can also sharpen gut hooks!

Broken or Rusted Knives

Hunting can be hard on you and even harder on your knife! I can perform knife repair for a variety of situations.

  • Excessive Chips

  • Rust Removal

  • Bent Knives

  • Bent or Broken Tips​


Extra fees apply when performing these sort of repairs. When removing rust some pits will still be visible.

I'm happy to give you an estimate before service, though depending on the condition of your knives I may need to inspect them first in order to give you the most accurate estimate.

Ready for Sharpening?

I can usually complete most sharpening and repair within a few days. Give me a call to get started!

Call Now! 541-786-5876

Bent Knife Repair

I repair bent knives but I must inspect the knife first to determine it's risk of breaking. There is always a risk of bent knives breaking during repair. Here's my policy in a nutshell.

  1. You assume full responsibility if your knife breaks.

  2. I'll inform you if the knife is at serious risk of breaking.

  3. No matter what happens, your knife may still break.

  4. I assume no responsibility for such breakage.

  5. No exceptions.