About PnD

Pat Owen, owner and  expert sharpener of PnD Knives & Sharpening Services.


Friendly, skilled service from a family owned business!

• Founded in 2011
• Over 50 years of sharpening experience
• Veteran owned and operated

• Mail-In / Mail-Out Sharpening Service

What makes PnD Knives & Sharpening Services a Superior choice for all your sharpening needs?


When you have your knives or other tools sharpened by PnD, you can trust that your items are in good hands. I have decades of experience and am dedicated to the art of creating a clean edge on every item I sharpen!


I pride myself on consistent service. Whether you mail-in your knives or bring in them in-store directly, I'll get them back to you sharp and ready in a timely manner.

Cost Effective

Quality sharpening services aren't cheap, but I strive to offer a cost effective solution that maintains and extends the life of your knives, shears, and tools!

Mail-In Sharpening Service

For your convenience I also offer a mail-in sharpening service. Learn more on our Mail-In Sharpening page.


Learn More

I sharpen a variety of knives, tools, and shears. Specializing in Kitchen Cutlery and Stylist & Barber Tool Sharpening.

See the full list of what I sharpen here.

Have Questions?

Call me Monday through Friday, 10am until 5pm PST.