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Sharpening Knives, Scissor/Shears, & Clippers​


Experienced and reliable sharpening services for your everyday and professional sharpening needs!

At PnD Knives & Sharpening Services we have specialized equipment for professionally sharpening knives, scissors, shears, clippers, tools, and more.

This includes Water Cooled Grinders, Diamond Wheels, and other Top-of-the-Line equipment. We also give special attention to the manufacturer's specifications.  Ensuring the best edge for your blade.



PnD is Locally Owned & Operated

Pat Owen is proud owner/operator of PnD Knives & Sharpening Services. Pat has over 50 years of experience sharpening everything from kitchen knives, pocket knives, stylist shears, grooming clippers, to wood working tools, and more.

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PnD Knives and Sharpening Services